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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Copyright Statement
Copyright © 2012 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). All rights reserved. All materials on NFPA’s websites are the property of NFPA and may not be copied, reproduced, sold, or distributed without the express permission of the copyright holder. Liberal use of NFPA fact sheets and news releases is allowable with attribution. Please use the following: "Reproduced from NFPA's website, © NFPA (year)." NFPA does not grant permission for its content to be displayed on other Web sites.

Fire Prevention Week copyright statement
Fire Prevention Week materials must include the following: “Reproduced from NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week website, © NFPA (year).”

Copyright requests
Due to the volume of correspondence we receive requesting the use of NFPA copyrighted material, and the need to process these requests, it is impossible for us to respond directly to e-mail. Please send us your request in a letter detailing what material you would like to use, the purpose of using this material, and what will be the distribution of the final product, by mail (Dennis Berry, Director of Licensing, NFPA, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169-7471) or by fax +1 617 984-7222. Your letter should include your name, address, and telephone number and be on letterhead if possible. When we have received that information we will provide you with a written reply, usually within two weeks.

Trademarks and Service Marks
NFPA is the holder of numerous registered trademarks and service marks, including but not limited to, NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code®; International Electrical Code®; NEC®; NFPA 70E®; NFPA 72®; National Fire Alarm Code®; NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®; Life Safety Code®; 101®; NFPA 5000®; Building and Construction Safety Code®; National Fire Codes®; NFC®; Sparky the Fire Dog®; the name and image of Sparky®; Learn Not to Burn®; Risk Watch ®; and NFPA Journal®. NFPA trademarks and service marks should only be used with the permission of NFPA or in accordance with the trademark law and, if used, must be acknowledged with both an ® designation and a credit statement. NFPA also holds additional trademarks and service marks to designate its goods and services.

Linking to NFPA
Please e-mail your linking request and include the URL of the page from which you would establish the link. NFPA does not allow the use of its content on another website without its permission and does not allow its content to be "framed" by another site (you may not link to an NFPA Web page inside HTML frames so that the content appears to be part of your site). A link to NFPA´s website may not be used in the context of an endorsement for any information on your website, any company products and/or services, or any situation that is in conflict with the NFPA mission.

Member Logos
This page provides special information available only to members, including a place to download your member logos. As an NFPA member in good standing, you may download these logos to emphasize your pride in NFPA membership.

Notice and Disclaimer of Liability Concerning the Use of NFPA Documents
To access important disclaimers concerning the use of NFPA codes, standards, recommended practices, and guides ("NFPA Documents"), please click on the above link.

Advertising disclaimer
NFPA reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement submitted for NFPA´s publications and on its websites. However, NFPA does not attempt to investigate or verify claims, including claims of compliance with NFPA codes and standards, made in advertisements appearing in NFPA´s publications and on its websites. The appearance of advertising in NFPA´s publications and on its websites in no way implies endorsement or approval by NFPA of any advertising claims or of the advertiser, its product, or services. NFPA disclaims any liability whatsoever in connection with advertising appearing in NFPA´s publications and on its websites. Information about advertising with NFPA.

Content disclaimers

  • Web content - NFPA strives to provide useful and timely information on this website to assist users in reading and understanding NFPA codes and standards. The official position of the NFPA and its Technical Committees concerning the meaning and intent of NFPA codes and standards, however, can only be found in Formal Interpretations processed through the responsible Technical Committee in accordance with NFPA rules. Unless expressly designated as an NFPA Formal Interpretation , therefore, any statements on this Web site concerning the meaning or intent of NFPA codes and standards reflect the personal opinion of NFPA Technical Staff or other contributors to this website. In addition, the information and opinion contained in this website is provided for informational purposes and is not intended to provide professional services or substitute for the review and advice, in any given circumstances, of an appropriate professional. Finally, NFPA makes every effort to provide timely and accurate information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in this website.

  • NFPA Journal® - The content of articles contained in NFPA Journal® solely reflect the personal opinions of the authors or contributors and doesn't necessarily represent the official position of NFPA, which, as to the meaning and intent of NFPA codes and standards, can only be obtained through NFPA's published procedures for requesting Formal Interpretations . Contents must not be reprinted without the written permission of NFPA. NFPA Journal® is a registered trademark of NFPA.

RSS Terms of Use policy
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service is a means by which NFPA offers content feeds in XML format ("RSS Content") to visitors to NFPA’s website. RSS is a free service offered by NFPA for non-commercial use. Any other uses, including without limitation the incorporation of advertising into or the placement of advertising associated with or targeted towards the RSS Content, are strictly prohibited. You must use the RSS feeds as provided by NFPA, and you may not edit or modify the text, content or links supplied by NFPA.

The RSS service will provide a functional link that, when accessed, takes you directly to the display of the full article on the NFPA website. You may not display the RSS Content in a manner that does not permit successful linking to or redirection to the applicable NFPA Web page. You may not insert any intermediate page, splash page or other content between the RSS link and the applicable NFPA Web page.

NFPA retains all ownership and other rights in the RSS Content. NFPA reserves the right to discontinue providing any or all of the RSS feeds at any time and to require you to cease displaying, distributing or otherwise using any or all of the RSS feeds for any reason including, without limitation, your violation of any provision of these Terms of Use. NFPA assumes no liability for any of your activities in connection with the RSS feeds or for your use of the RSS feeds in connection with your website.

Social media content disclaimer
NFPA does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of any comments posted to its social media outlets (blogs, social networks, message boards/forums, etc.). Users may not post any content that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to any person or entity. NFPA reserves the right to delete or edit any comments that it considers inappropriate or unacceptable. By submitting a comment, users expressly grant NFPA a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable license to publish, modify, reproduce, display, distribute, and use such content for any purpose without further notice or consent.