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In an effort to distribute Electric Vehicle Safety Training to emergency responders across the U.S., NFPA's EV Safety Training team conducted 'train-the-trainer" sessions nationwide starting in July 2011. Since the launch of this highly-anticipated classroom training, NFPA successfully trained more than 2,200 emergency responder instructors. If you are not able to attend a classroom training somewhere in your state, but still wish to gain the tools and information needed to safely handle emergency situations involving EVs, PHEVs, and charging stations, please check out our online training.

Training Feedback

What do participants think of our classroom training?


"Probably one of the most thorough and best classes I have ever taken. I would recommend it to anyone!" - MA


"Anyone responding to motor vehicle accidents should take this class." - NH


"Presented a wealth of information!" - MA


"As always, NFPA provided a great class and a fantastic instructor." - GA


"Matt [Paiss, Subject Matter Expert] was very knowledgeable, extremely organized and concise, pleasant, professional, and enthusiastic about the material. I would definitely take another class from him!" - OR


"Both instructors [Jason Emery and John Cannon] were very interesting, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. They had easy manners of delivery, and engaged the students appropriately. This was a well-prepared and well-delivered class!" - CT


"I was surprised at how little I knew at the beginning of the course versus how much I knew at the end. Very eye-opening!" - CT